Today in the city Butte City 19.06.2018
The 50 least environmentally friendly cities in the US

How "green" is your city? WalletHub compared the 100 largest cities in the US across 22 "green" indicators to determine which cities are doing the best job saving the planet — and which cities c...

The Philippines Is Building A $14 Billion 'Pollution-Free' City That Will Be Larger Than Manhattan

Manila, the capital of The Philippines has the honor of having the "worst traffic on Earth" and dense smog. The Philippines has a plan to combat Manila's dire situation with a pollution free city larg...

Hamburg becomes 1st German city to impose limited diesel ban

Drivers of older diesel-powered trucks are now prohibited from using two road sections in Hamburg, the first German city to implement such a ban.

City Section Open Division semis: Golnick stars for El Camino Real, Garcia rescues Birmingham

Bryan Golnick of El Camino Real was in such a hurry pitching Wednesday in the City Section Open Division semifinals at USC’s Dedeaux Field that he looked as if he needed to make a graduation ceremony....

How The Growth Of New Cities Is Becoming A Global Economic Driver

Over 100 new cities are popping up all around Asia and Africa, amounting to trillions--yes, trillions--of dollars of investment. But what exactly is a new city?

UN Says People Disappearing in Northern Mexico Border City

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights has called for Mexico to take urgent action in the northern border city of Nuevo Laredo, where at least 23 people have disappeared since the start...

Attack in Saudi City of Taif Kills at Least One: Local Media

RIYADH (Reuters) - Two assailants stabbed to death a traffic policeman in the western Saudi Arabian city of Taif and then exchanged gunfire with...

New York City Grand Jury Indicts Harvey Weinstein on Rape Charge

A New York City grand jury indicted disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein on charges of rape and a criminal sexual act of the first degree, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office announced W...

China Cities Getting Bigger, Better, Faster

China continues to grow faster than any country in the world, and its cities are quickly moving up the ranks to compete with the likes of Tokyo, London and Hong Kong.

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